Our company is specializing in adventure and unique cultural tailor made holidays with individual and group tours to interesting areas in Mongolia. Founded in 1997, we have been dedicated to our client s’ service and their satisfaction with about 20 years of experience with French and Danish tour operators such as Nomad Aventure, Desert, and Voyageurs Du Monde etc in travel and tourism industry as inbound tour operator.

Being in the partners with French and Danish tour operators for such a long time gives us the advantage to pool our experience and expertise to be a specialist in providing high quality tour services, interesting and fun programs with our eco and nature tours from leisure to adventurous levels, along with tailor-made and incentive programs to suit the different requirements of our clients with committed and dedicated staff members and its own fleet of vehicles.

We are specialized with organizing movie, and photograph projects. Here are some projects we have cooperated with:

  • Directed by Christophe Cousin in 2011 about Mongolian nomadic lifestyle which is produced by Gedeon programmes.

  • Most watched documentary about Mongolia was Rendez-vous en terre inconnue - Virginie Efira chez les Tsaatans en Mongolie which is produced by Adenium TV France with Pierre Stine, gave us amazing experience of movie project.

  • Bonne Pioche Production have made amazing project in Mongolia with our company which led change the world's view into different aspects.

  • 25 minute documentary directed in 2007 by Joël Fargesere. From Mongolian nomads, catching their semi wild horses with a lasso, this film takes us along with the horsehair route.

  • Pascal Commère is writer of projet littéraire : steppes which we provided most beautiful Mongolian nature of steppe's uniqueness.

  • Yann Arthuis Bertrand who is famous photographer visited Mongolia has done a project about nature of horses.

  • Clowns Sans Frontières organise des spectacles pour des populations victimes de la guerre,de l'exclusion et de la misère physique ou mentale.

  • "Le petit médecin du Gobi, Réalisation" named documentary have been produced by Tony Comiti Production with Bernard Laine in 1998 which organized by our team.

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